All that you need to know about the Landmark Forum

When you are browsing the internet for personal and professional development, do you get to see a landmark forum review at the beginning of the search results? When you are looking for some effective tools to improve your overall quality of life and personality, do you see details of this forum repeatedly? Have you ever wondered what this forum is all about and why it is becoming so popular among everyone? Read on to know more about the same:

An overview
This forum is part of the basic course conducted by a 1991- formed, San Francisco-headquartered company known as Landmark Worldwide (formerly known as Landmark Education). This company appoints few selected leaders to deliver the forum in various languages across many countries. The forum helps people of all age groups at various levels in their career. It caters to the needs of home makers and students as well. It aims to increase one’s confidence, personality, interpersonal skills and relationships at a personal and professional level. To get the full benefits of the course, you need to attend the advanced courses that focus on relationships, self-expression, and leadership. Landmark Worldwide conducts special courses for kids and teenagers as well.

Details of the course
The course is conducted for a total of 42 hours. It runs for 14 hours a day from about 9 AM to 11 PM from Friday to Sunday and again for four hours on the following Tuesday from 7 PM to 11 PM. The forum leader addresses a gathering that can be anywhere between 75 and 250. He is very strict and uses abusive language and a dominating tone, at times, to get the best out of you and make you confess your mistakes. During the first day, the forum leader gives an overview of the schedule and what they can expect for the day. He also gives tips to the candidates on how to get the best value from the session. During the second day, the word “possibility” is given a new light. You get to know that a possibility is not something that is not there in the current world, but it is something that you have not realised so far. During the third day, you are given one of the most important lessons in your life – all that you experience in your life is a result of your past experience and what happened to you in the past.

How does it work for you?
The Landmark Forum focuses on breaking your ego and making you confess to your rackets. Rackets are nothing but the mistakes that you have committed in the past. The forum leader makes you call the people whom you have erred against in the past and own up for your rackets. He makes you apologise to people whom you have hurt personally and professionally by calling them from your phone. This exercise is done during the breaks that you get during the forum. When you apologise, you try to mend relationships with these people and it does you a world of good when you pour out your accumulated feelings.

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