Be careful when you speak, says Landmark Forum

One should learn to understand the feelings of others before criticizing them. Criticism can never make you any friends. One should note never to criticize those you love. You can hurt them beyond repair. These are psychological tips you get in psychological or personality development programs. Landmark Forum is one such program that teaches you how to handle such cases in life.

The best part of the Landmark Forum reviews is that they recite beautiful examples for you to learn. These examples are akin to real life situations that we encounter practically every day. These are simple situations, but they teach you that life is indeed full of imperfect things. This story will make matter clear.

There was a well-knit family that stayed together during the toughest of times. It was the responsibility of the mother to prepare and serve food to all. One day she was dead tired after a hard day at work. In her tiredness, she burnt the biscuits badly and laid them on the table. The father could have easily criticized the food and could have criticized her. Instead, he chose to eat the burnt biscuits.

The mother could not hold back her tears that night. She apologized to her husband for serving him burnt biscuits. The man told her that he loved burnt biscuits. The next day, while getting his daughter ready for school, the little girl asked him whether he really loved the burnt biscuits.

The man replied, “You mother had put in a hard day at work. She was under extreme stress. This can lead to simple errors like burning biscuits. Moreover, eating burnt biscuits is not going to harm me in any way. If had chosen to berate her or criticize her, she would have been devastated.”
It would have been easy for the man to criticize his wife for serving him burnt biscuits. However, he chose to see that she had a hard day at work. She was tired as well. Maybe, he would have done the same had he chosen to bake the biscuits. She would definitely not have minded at all.

This is what love is all about. One should accept the faults and go on with life. Life is too short a time to love. You should not make it shorter by hating people. Mistakes do happen. That is not the end of the world. However, a bad comment or two about people you love can certainly bring a great deal of grief to them.

No one is perfect in this world. Under such circumstances, do we have the right to criticize others when we are ourselves not perfect?
One should be extremely careful with the words one uses. It is very easy to open your mouth and utter as many profanities you want. However, you have to note that the words you have let out will never come back. It will go and hit the target. It is no use repenting after you have hurt the person you love.

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