Landmark Forum believes in the Pygmalion Effect

Positive thinking is the cornerstone of every Landmark Forum anywhere in the world at any point in time. They are of the view that a person with a positive frame of mind will excel in any situation in comparison to a negative-minded person. One agrees that knowledge is important but the attitude is what matters more in psychology.

One such phenomenon is the Pygmalion effect, or the self-fulfilling prophecy as one may call it. In simple terms, we get what we expect. When we expect something to happen, our expectation will usually tend to make it so. Of course, you should do the efforts required for the particular task. Just sitting on the shore and expecting to cross the river is not going to help you in any way.

A leading researcher, Robert Rosenthal proved this Pygmalion effect in a beautiful manner. He chose a lower-middle-class school in a US town. According to the experiment, he told the teachers to conduct an IQ test on every student from grades 1to 6 at the beginning of the year. He told the teachers that he had designed the test for academic blooming. In other words, he told the teachers that the students who scored high in the test were ready to bloom academically. He would be continuing the same tests at the start of each year.

On completion of the test, he shared information about the students who had scored in the top 20% on the test. The fact is that, he provided the names at random and the test had no bearing on the students’ performance at all. At the end of the year, he performed a similar test on all the students. This time he found out that a majority of the students whose names he had shared with the teachers figured in the top of the list.

What does this research signify? It proves that the children from whom the teachers expected more intellectual growth actually did score high. This was no fluke. The teachers had the names of the top 20% with them. Unconsciously, they created circumstances for these top 20% students to achieve more. Their body language towards them and the additional attention they gave to select students bore fruit.

When teachers expect these students to score high, they paid more attention to the students’ progress and monitored them. Hence, it was no surprise that these students performed well.

You can translate the same situation in the work scenario as well. Why do certain manager’s perform better than the others? This is because the top management expects these managers to perform and creates the requisite grounds for their performance. This can be in the form of encouragement, feedback, better engagement with seniors, provision of better quality staff, and so on. The reasons are many. It is not that the other managers are not efficient. If you provide them with the same infrastructure, they may do as well as these performers. This is what Landmark Forum Reviews aims to drive at.

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