Landmark Forum is all about exhibiting a positive attitude

Positive-thinkingThe Landmark Forum has acquired quite a reputation of being the place where you can find solutions to a variety of problems in life. The best part of these courses is that they help you to solve your problems on your own. They show you the way but you have to walk on it.

What is the biggest inhibiting factor a person can face while attempting to solve any problem? The answer is “Fear.” What is this fear? There are various kinds of fears. The biggest fear is the fear of failure or the fear of rejection. One must say that these fears are confounded in nature. This is because it is your perception that you might fail. If you approach any problem with the notion that you will not be able to solve it, the truth is that you will not be able to do so at all. Hence, the attitude of the person comes into the picture.

One should develop a positive attitude towards life and the problems life poses to you. It is only then that you will be able to rise above everything and solve the issue. Look at the positive aspects of things and the problems will begin to vanish into thin air. Let us look at a small example that can help you understand the concept better.

A school teacher approached her class and announced that she will be conducting an impromptu test at that particular moment. The students were surprised as to what prompted the teacher to take such a sudden step. However, do they have a choice? They have to appear for the test as and when the teacher poses them.

The teacher supplied each one with the question paper and asked them to keep it in an inverted position for the time being. After about five minutes she asked the students to look at the question paper and offer their answers. The students were confused because all they could see was a small black dot on a white sheet of paper. The teacher asked the students to write what they could infer from this puzzle on a separate sheet of paper and gave them half an hour to do so.

The students started to rack their brains and started writing whatever they could infer. After half an hour, the teacher collected all the answer sheets and started reading them one by one. Some students had written at length about the black dot whereas some of them could not express much.

Now, it was the turn of the teacher to offer her remarks. She noted that every student had written something or the other about the small black dot but none had mentioned anything about the white sheet of paper. Our lives are also somewhat similar. We concentrate on the small problems like the black dot while ignoring the beautiful life that is in front of us. This is where attitude makes its presence felt. The Landmark Forum attempts to bring about this transformation in our lives.

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