The Landmark Forum advocates looking at a problem for various angles

The human mind is a multi-dimensional organ. However, the human being seldom uses the brain in the right fashion. The successful people in the world supposedly use the maximum part of our brain. The average person does not do so due to various limiting factors. Therefore, it becomes imperative for one to attend man-management courses such as the Landmark Forum courses. These courses define the psychological nature of the participant. One can learn a variety of things at these courses.

One of the biggest advantages of attending these courses is that one learns to look at problems from a different angle. People may ask questions about what a change in the angle can do. A problem is a problem. One has to solve it. This particular example can lighten up things a bit.

A young professional was facing extreme stress at his workplace. He was struggling to solve an algorithm. He was racking his brains a lot. In the meanwhile, his daughter, about three to four years of age was pestering him to play with her. This professional loved his daughter a lot and hence did not want to scold her to keep her away from him for some time. He wanted to keep her busy for some time so that he could be free to continue. He tore a page from a magazine into 16 pieces of equal size and handed it over to his daughter asking her to reassemble the same. He was confident that this job would keep his daughter away for at least half an hour. To his utter surprise, the daughter returned to him within two minutes with the papers neatly reassembled in the perfect fashion. He wondered how such a small girl could assemble a random page from a magazine within no time at all. His curiosity got the better of him. He asked her how she could manage to do it. Her reply was astounding.

She said that the page had the photo of a bus on the opposite side. All she had to do was to fix up the pieces properly with the image of the bus in mind. This opened the eyes of the professional. He understood that one can approach a problem from different angles if one is not able to solve one easily. With this approach, he tried solving the algorithm from a different viewpoint. He found out the solution within a few minutes.

This is what looking at a problem from different angles can do. You end up with a simple way of solving the problem. The Forum teaches the participants using such simple examples. They encourage the participant to discuss amongst themselves as well as on the stage. When they discuss their issues in the open forum, one can get various solutions. One of the solutions could just measure up to your liking.

The Forum may seek your review of the courses after their completion. It is advisable to post a positive Landmark Forum review to help other people to take a decision to enroll in these courses.

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