Transform your life the Landmark Forum way

Transform your life the Landmark Forum wayThere is only one thing permanent in life. That is ‘Change’. Now you might have the question as to what should change and who should change. Do you think it is really very easy to change someone? Would it not be better if you changed yourself? Landmark Forum believes in bringing about a transformation in your attitude towards life.

If you notice carefully, you will realize that we have used the word transformation instead of change. Do they not mean the same thing? You will be surprised that they are not the same. When you change something, it is always with respect to the past. You constantly compare things with the past and bring about the change. Transformation, on the other hand has nothing to do with the past. It is a complete makeover. Thus, you can call it as a complete change with no traces of the past.

Everyone in the world has to live his life. Your life does not change when your boss changes. It does not change even when your spouse, friends, parents, company, location, etc changes. The change takes place only when you change. This interesting story will help you to understand things better.
One fine morning, all the employees of a company were in for a shock. There was a big board hanging outside the gate that the person who had been hindering their growth in the company expired last night. They were invited to join in the funeral procession later in the day. The gates were closed. Hence, the employees started to wonder who the person might be. Their curiosity started exceeding every limit.

By afternoon, the boss allowed each person to pay his last respects to the departed soul. Every person was in for a surprise when they could find nothing in the coffin except a mirror. What they observed was their own image. There was a sign near the mirror that stated that the only person who can ensure your growth in the company is ‘YOU’ alone.

This called for a change in the outlook of every person in the company. One is bound to face difficulties and problems in life. Running away from them is not going to solve the issue. Swami Vivekananda learned this the hard way. One day, the Swami was going to school with his bag slung over his shoulder. He found a couple of monkeys blocking his way and creating the nuisance. He started to turn his back towards them and run. It can be quite difficult to outrun an animal, especially a monkey. He might not even have taken a few steps when he heard a stern voice asking him to turn around and face the brutes. The moment he did so, the monkeys retraced their steps. This is same in life as well. You have to face your problems headlong for them to vanish. If you try to avoid them, they will keep on following you.

Landmark Forum shares such nuggets of wisdom with every participant.

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