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Experience a Life Changing Moment at Landmark Worldwide


Experience a Life Changing Moment at Landmark Worldwide's website

Experience a Life Changing Moment at Landmark Worldwide

There are moments in life when you want to quit everything. It feels like it is the end of the world. I too underwent such a situation when my husband divorced me. Depression sunk in quickly and I was a vulnerable person. My friends suggested that I attend a session at Landmark worldwide. I had never been this low in my life, where I had to rely on someone to run the errands. My life was turning into misery. Like a good samaritan, my friend took me to one of the sessions at Landmark. Motivational speakers were at their optimistic best there.

I was exposed to an environment where people were going through some kind of torment in their lives. I never felt like I was the only person who was a victim to life’s ruthless plans. Through online Landmark forum reviews I was familiarized about the events occurring in the city. If there was something that led me out of this situation then it was definitely due to the services I received from this education program. Indeed an educational one, the sessions I attended helped me be someone else. It was not easy. Things were difficult since day one. I was not able to get hold of things that were scattered in front of me.

Life had become hell for me. There was nothing that could transform me or take me back to the person I was before the incident. In my marital life I had seen many ups and downs, and survived through each one with endurance. But there comes a point when things no longer seem to be tolerable and letting go is the only way out to it. Our divorce was something similar. During the initial days of my marriage I was a jovial person who was full of life. I was an anxious human being willing to learn new things and adapt to the new surroundings. Knowing this, I was not hesitant to jump into marriage a little early in life.

A guy who was extremely polite and well settled in life was an enticing offer. I never thought anyone could love me so much. Being grateful for someone like him, I agreed to his decision and got married when most of my classmates were stepping into their careers. I had given a back seat to my career thinking my husband would be the main focus of my life. Inevitably things centered around him all the time. An honest house wife was my new identity. But soon things changed and led to a collapse. Here I was a divorcee, going through mental agony. A new phase of my life had begun without any prior warning.

After the seminar time with Landmark education I was more confident about my ambition. To my surprise I was getting my normalcy back. My parents were glad to see the new me who was more confident than before. All credits to the effective job of the speakers who helped me heal emotionally. My friend truly did a great job of taking me to the specialist who knew the real essence of life. Landmark worldwide was the place where I experienced an epiphany that changed my life.


    Experience a Life Changing Moment at Landmark Worldwide


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