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How Enrolling for Landmark Education helped me get my Hope back


How Enrolling for Landmark Education helped me get my Hope back's website

How Enrolling for Landmark Education helped me get my Hope back

Not too long ago, I had to face a situation that completely changed my life. As I hit rock bottom, Landmark forum helped me get my hopes back. It was a day like any other and I had to return home late due to a meeting held in office. As I returned home, my car smashed with a humongous truck and I was knocked down unconscious. The moment I woke up, the only thing that I noticed was me bring dressed in all white with bandages covering my arm. I saw my family weeping tears and to their explanation was when I started recalling my memories from last night.

During midnight hours, the roads are not crowded. So this obviously gives an opportunity for any driver to fly and not drive. Similarly, I happened to be driving full speed and the collision left my car and me with bruises and damages. I had to use a wheelchair which was the worst part of the accident phase. It was during this bed ridden and wheel chair moments that I realized how valuable it is to be healthy and fine. I also realized how important it is to drive safely. The doctor had recommended me to use the wheelchair for about 3 months in which I could regain my strength to walk on my own.

These 3 months were perhaps the hardest phase of my life that led to depression. I lost my job as well that made me more of a psychopath. I thought this was the end for me but it was during these down moments, I saw an opportunity to lay sight over my silver lining. I attended a course with Landmark education and got my life back. This course had a great impact over me and I have to admit that the professional who conduct then are top notch. It was my mom who advised me to take the course and pursuing it changed my life. I was advised with tactics that helped me cope with depression and dark moments. I started learning to develop a strong optimistic attitude that helped me overcome my hurdles.

The realization that came to me after attending the course helped me learn how to value failure. I was provided with the perfect example that an arrow cannot be launched unless it is pulled back. I realized that these dark phases in life are simply a part that helps become an individual stronger than ever. It helps in elevating the spirit, makes a person strong mentally, and prepares them to take over the obstacles that are bound to show up in the future. As days passes by, I started to realize that these obstacles were nothing more than ladders that helped me get to the next level.
The course, which I had subscribed for conducted by the Landmark worldwide group, lasted for three days. However, the knowledge that I got from these three days were worth a lifetime. I am confident to face adversities without any hesitation and overcome them in a trouble free manner.


    How Enrolling for Landmark Education helped me get my Hope back


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