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How Garnering Landmark Education helped me Become Confident at the Workplace?


How Garnering Landmark Education helped me Become Confident at the Workplace?'s website

How Garnering Landmark Education helped me Become Confident at the Workplace?

Landmark education is a life changer and I am one of those prime witnesses who can prove that. Back then, I was twenty-six years old and I was about to complete graduation. I passed the exams with amazing grades and eventually landed a job as business consultant in the Human resource and recruitment arena. It felt as if my whole life changed in an instant. My feelings always kept me disturbed thinking about how I was going to adapt to this huge cycle of change from being a college student to a person who works full-time. I felt the pressure at the peak while attended an interview however clearing the interview being appointed had helped me flip through the tension.

The thing I was most worried about was the first day of my job, dressed completely in formal, trying to make myself comfortable in an unknown crowd of people. My emotions were killing me and I had no choice but to experience. The person who in charge of hiring me introduced me to my team leader and the team I was supposed to work with. I introduced myself to the whole team in a low voice and got to know their names in return. The first day at workplace was quite amazing but equally terrifying as well. I was nervous to speak with my colleagues but at the same time, I was excited to make new friends as well.

The only thing that I had in mind was to mingle with the crowd as soon as possible and get to know everyone. Two weeks passed by and I was not making progressions developing good relationships with others. I found myself like the shy kid who often keeps quiet in the corner trying to avoid troubles. A month had passed by and things were still the same. This was perhaps getting in my nerves. I was not able to open up with my teammates as I used to be with my college friends. After a certain point of time, I discussed the issue with my parents and that is when my dad has asked me to enroll with Landmark worldwide.

I attended a course offered by this group in ameliorating communications at workplace and social gatherings. By the time, I finished the course I was brimming with confidence to take over the world. The professionals who executed the course for the participants were top-notch communication experts who assist people with interaction issues. These professionals understood the difficulties faced by beginners and fresher who set foot in the corporate world.

As these experts kept explaining the different experiences encountered by different people at workplace, I felt so relived and I understood that this is a common problem that are being faced by many and not necessarily me. I was guided to develop optimistic behaviors that brought a flip in my mindset about interacting people. I understood that over thinking on my part was something that held me back. The Landmark forum course helped me to break this cycle of being unconfident.


    How Garnering Landmark Education helped me Become Confident at the Workplace?


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