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Why Attending a Course with Landmark Forum is Necessary


Why Attending a Course with Landmark Forum is Necessary's website

Why Attending a Course with Landmark Forum is Necessary

Being 24 year old, I was passionate and ambitious to the peak. However, things started to change as the days passed by. I had to take up a full-time job to make my dream come true and this is where I encountered a dark phase. I was completely lost in melancholy and it was Landmark forum that helped get back on my feet.

The serious issue I was dealing with was work life balance. I had a dream of being a freelance writer but being completely broke was what that held me back. So I took up a fulltime job and burned that midnight oil to keep my passion for my writing alive while I also get stable with my finances. Easier determined than done, I faced a threat fluctuation in my emotions whenever something wrong.

To make my dream a reality, I had to get clients so that I could generate income through writing. Moreover, being a tyro, a beginner never helped land a single client. I understood the reason behind me not being able to get clients because the market had many reputed freelancers who could do the job in hand and then came trust issue. Reputed clients always seek out freelancer, pro bloggers, and ghost-writers who have a good online reputation. Writers who are rated heavily and praised over the internet are the ones who sweep clients within a blink of an eye.

So I got determined to build my reputation as a writer and started posting blogs. Every time published one, I would always check the dashboard a million times to ensure if I am grasping any traffic and the result would always end up disappointing me. I had a major breakdown when I was 26, because two years had passed down and I wasn’t progressing at the rate I was expecting to.

This was when I thought of quitting and one of friends addressed me to Landmark education. I took up the course and witnessed a whole a new shift in perception. This course was life changer. I was clearly pointed out with my mistake and realizing them made me wiser.

I realized that I never made a definite long term plan and organized my activities. I used to blindly work hard and expect miracles to happen. After Landmark worldwide courses, I witnessed an improvement in my management skills this eventually led me to succeed.

By the time, I was 30, I became a full-fledged writer with more than 45 clients in hand. All thanks to Landmark, this was a revelation. After attending the course, I also recommended the same to many of friends and those in my social circle. The guidance offered in this course made it became extremely easy for understand numerous life aspects as well.

I understood how I should entertain with failures and ensure persistency in putting efforts. The most valuable thing that I had learned was the price of never giving up. Continuing the journey to pursue dream like a maniac, day in and day out, itself shall bring fruitful efforts.


    Why Attending a Course with Landmark Forum is Necessary


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